Today was the first day of the Insanity Workout Program!

On the first day, the only exercise you will be performing is the Fit Test. The Fit Test is a series of exercises in which you have 1 minute to perform as many as possible.  You do the fit test every 2 weeks to mark your progress.  Here are the exercises and my brief description of them:

  • Switch Kicks – Here you basically kick straight up with one leg and alternate while keeping your back straight, you are trying to get your kick to waist level each time.
  • Power Jacks – Power jacks are like jumping jacks except each time you come down you go into a squat position.
  • Power Knees – Standing up straight with your hands interlaced overhead, and then bringing 1 knee up at an angle across your body and hitting your knee each time.
  • Power Jumps – Starting in a squat position then leaping as high in the air as you can.
  • Globe Jumps –  Kind of squat jumping around the world.  You start in squat and jump right, back, left, and front.  One rotation equal one globe jump.
  • Suicide Jumps – Start standing, then fall into plank position, jump your legs to the front then jump as high in the air as you can.
  • Push-Up Jacks –  Like a regular push up, except that you spread your legs on each downward portion of the pushup like a jumping jack
  • Low Plank Oblique – Get on your forarms in plank position and then drive your knee to your armpit, alternating knees each time.

They make this fit test sound like a nice little fun exercise to see how well you are doing, but it totally kicked my ass!  It was like a full-on workout to me.  Afterward I was nauseous for about 30 minutes.  Part of this program is pushing yourself as hard as you can, which I did.  I may have to notch it back or I don’t know if I will make it!

Here are my results from the first fit test:


Fit Test 1

Switch Kicks ?
Power Jacks 42
Power Knees 77
Power Jumps 20
Globe Jumps 6
Suicide Jumps 9
Push-Up Jacks 12
Low Plank Oblique 32
Switch Kicks
Power Jacks
Power Knees
Power Jumps
Globe Jumps
Suicide Jumps
Push-Up Jacks
Low Plank Oblique

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