Here are my final results!  After 63 days of hard workouts here is what I look like now.  A few of my (favorite) observations:

  • These crazy muscles developed around my obliques that look like my ribs, but are not.  They are small long muscles that pop out on top of my ribs, so it looks like you are seeing my rib cage (which you are in Day 1) but it is really muscle.
  • My triceps really grew from all those push ups as you can see in the top picture
  • It must really take a lot of work to get that last abdominal line to form the 6 pack!  I still don’t quite have it, but I am darn proud of my stomach.

From the beginning, my goal was to bulk up, which I think I did.  This routine is a little more difficult probably to gain weight with due to all of the intense cardio, but it hands down beats anything for shaping your body.

So here are some pictures!  You can click on the picture to view a bit larger.

Insanity Results - Before and After Pictures

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