I think most people that are thinking of doing the INSANITY workout have the intention of losing weight.  I am probably in the minority as my goal is to actually gain some weight.  Of course, the weight coming from muscle.  I realize this is not billed as a muscle a building program per se, but I certainly know you will build muscle as  a by product of the intense workouts.

Since you burn so many calories each day during the Insanity workouts, you really have to refuel your body.  I am finding it difficult to consume enough calories!  Of course, I am referring to good calories, not junk food 🙂  I have tried to do the 5 meals a day, but can’t really get into the groove of eating more than a 300 calorie or so snack in morning or afternoon.  I think that is where I need to add more.  I do eat 3 real good meals each day that I try to pack in as much protein as possible.  Oh yeah, and I am a pseudo-vegetarian – I eat seafood but no other meat.

I need some more ideas to add a couple hundred calories to each ‘snack’ meal in the day.  Right now I am eating protein bars, nuts, natural peanut butter and a few other things.  Please post some of your favorite healthy snacks in the comments!

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