Today was the first day of doing 2 workouts back to back.  I was really worried about how today would go, but it wasn’t too bad!  Pure Cardio by itself is definitely insane and a workout I don’t know if I could ever do non-stop (I shouldn’t say never, we’ll see after it’s all said and done!).

So the first workout is Pure Cardio today and the whole thing is maybe around 35 minutes.  The heart of the workout is 15 minutes straight of insane exercises.  You complete 15 exercises back to back at 1 minute each.  Reading it on paper it doesn’t sound bad, but it IS!  My heart rate isn’t skyrocketing, but my muscles turn to noodles during this workout.  Hopefully as I get stronger I can do more.

After I finished this routine I took about 3-5 minutes to grab some more water and then launched into Cardio Abs.  Cardio Abs is about 16 minutes in length, which was a relief when I saw that!  I thought it would be another 35 minutes or something.  But, that doesn’t mean it was easy!

Cardio Abs is of course designed to work out the abs.  The interesting thing about this is that out of all the exercises there are no crunches or no sit ups!  The workout starts with a series of jumps designed to use your core to bring your knees to your arms or elbows.  These were challenging right off the bat because of tiredness from the previous workout.  Form is very important here.  Then there are a few different series of exercises that performed from the “C” position (sort of sitting leaning back balancing on your butt).  You know when you get the form right because the burn comes on!  Then there were a few more exercises from a plank position, again working the core.

I enjoyed the Abs workout and could see using this one in the future just on it’s own.  I am glad to have gotten through it all today!  Tomorrow is the best day . . . . Rest Day!

Insanity Day 12 – Cardio Power and Resistance

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