Today started the last week of the first month!  Too bad it has to come after Super Bowl Sunday.  This week on both Monday and Friday I am doing the dual workout combo of Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.  I have done this combo a few times already, but was not looking forward to it today.

Leading up the start of the workouts I had a headache.  I think it is partly from all the bad food I ate yesterday and from not getting enough sleep.  Then I tried to start no less than 3 times before I had to run to the bathroom!  The digestive track is out of balance.  And the last thing I wanted to do was to get 15 minutes in and have to pause the workout (I have not ever stopped the DVD during any workout yet).

So I finally got started and the body was slow to respond, but by the end of the warmup you forget about everything else and are just concentrating on that last round of butt kicks, high knees, and mummy kicks!  Then I was able to find my groove and push through.  Of course, those darned switch kicks are the second exercise in the sequence and I still have trouble with those.  Besides the switch kicks, I did really well  during Pure Cardio performing more total exercises than I have ever done I believe.  So even with a food hangover I was able to push through!

I then took a little longer break before starting up Cardio Abs, maybe about 8 minutes.  This wasn’t because I needed to recover, it was because I had to help my son with his bath 🙂  Then it was back to the living room for the 16 minute workout.  It’s amazing how quick you cool down because it sure felt hard to start up again.

I also used a towel during Cardio Abs to both sit on when in the C-sit position and for under my elbows when in the low plank position.  This definitely helped.

Day 21 – Super Bowl Sunday / Rest Day

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