It’s day 23 now and I feel like I am on cruise control.  Not in the sense that each workout is easy, more like I am becoming very familiar with each of the workouts now and know what to expect each day.  Doing an Insanity workout (or two!) each day has become ingrained in my daily routine.

Today was back to Cardio Power and Resistance and my other nemesis, Power Jumps!  Power Jumps are to Cardio Power and Resistance as Switch Kicks are to Pure Cardio!  At least for me.  I am definitely improving and understanding the form better, but find it difficult to continually jump at the proper height one after another.  My legs just run out of juice.

Anyways, got through the workout today without problems pushing myself along the way.  I am noticing a few aches and pains here and there, but I think it more from the muscles working and ripping and growing than anything else.  It’s not injury or anything like that.

I think the food hangover from the Super Bowl has worn off and I am looking forward to powering through the rest of the week!

Day 22 – Switch Kicks Are Evil!

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