3 down and only 57 more to go!  Today’s workout called Cardio Power and Resistance was definitely focused more on building strength .  I feel today now that I am starting to get into a groove.  The initial shock to my body *may* be subsiding.  The extruciating pain in my legs though tell me otherwise!

The workout starts with the same warmup routine.  I almost finished the entire warm-up without stopping!  I know that sounds silly if you have never done this before, but this is no ordinary warmup.  It consisits of:

  • Jogging in Place.
  • Power Jacks. Similar to jumping jacks, but you hold each rep in a deep squat.
  • Log Jumps. Jump side to side as if hurdling a log each time.
  • 123 Heisman. Shuffle 3 steps to the side then raise your knee contracting your core, repeat the other way.
  • Butt Kicks. Running in place, but kicking the back of your butt with your legs each time.
  • High Knees. Running in place, but raising the knees hip height each time.
  • Vertical Jump. Lower into a squat position then jump up as high and straight as you can.

After the warmup we went into it.  The exercises were difficult for me.  There were all sorts of different kinds of push ups, like moving push ups and v-push up and a bonus push up where you are contracted sort of in a ball.  Then there were insane squat moves like the the globe jump where you jump from a squat touching the floor in a 4 round circle (front, right, back, left).

My heart rate didn’t peak as high today, it hit around 163.  But it was the power moves that left me limp on the floor during repetitions!  I am pushing myself as hard as I can though and plan on doing better each day 🙂

Day 2 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

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