Today’s workout was the Max Interval Circuit.  This is the same workout I did on Monday as the first day of this month.  Before starting today I am happy to report that the body is feeling good.  All of the soreness I obtained earlier in the week has pretty much gone away.  This is great because I think I am adjusting to this month much like I did in the first month.

The workout is a full hour in length which is a really long time to me.  Even though this was the second time doing this, it didn’t feel any easier.  The warm ups alone are extremely difficult.   I did better though than the first time around, partly due to knowing the moves and partly due to increasing my conditioning to the Max level.  I started running out of gas though with about 15 minutes to go, but dug deeper and pushed through it.  The best thing about today is knowing I only have one more day to go and this week will be done!

Day 39 – Max Cardio Recovery

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