Today is the end of week 7!  Wow, only 2 more weeks to go, it’s hard to believe.

Due to the way I am shuffling this around, today I did my Fit Test and then went right into Max Interval Sports Training.  I didn’t want to do the fit test on Monday due to the time constraints I have mentioned in other posts.  I will post about the fit test in another post.

Max Interval Sports Training is actually a pretty fun routine.  It is about 55 minutes long.  It starts with of course a warm up.  The warm up is more cardio based then strength based and get the blood pumping.  You do variations of jump rope drills as well as other things.

Then you go into the heart of the workout.  The workout is structured with circuits that revolve around a certain sport which is cool.  It makes it fun to do these.  The sports are:

  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Track and Field

I am not going to break down each exercise at the moment, but as you can guess, each sport has specific moves.  Like lots of punching for boxing, shooting drills for basketball, and tons of high knees in the track and field section.

I really enjoyed this workout due to the variety of new exercises.  It made me feel, well, ‘sporty’!

During this workout I burned 579 calories.  During the fit test (to be posted separately) I burned298 calories.  So doing these back to back I burned 877 calories!  Time to go pig out 😉

Day 47 – Max Cardio Conditioning & Insane Abs Minus Insane Abs

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