I was actually happy today to get started on week 2 of the workouts!  I am in some weird way looking forward to these every day now.  Today’s workout was the Cardio Power and Resistance workout again.  Looking back, this was the first workout of the series, after the Fit Test on day 1.  I wonder why they made this workout the first one because it is quite hard!  Or maybe that is more to the point.  If you can’t get through day one then maybe you shouldn’t be doing this at all.

After I did this workout the first time, pretty much my entire body was in pain.  I am happy to say that I have very little pain at all in any part of my body!  This makes me proud as I figure my body is adjusting the workouts and those muscles that haven’t been worked in years are now starting to respond 🙂

Once again, I made it through the entire warmup and stretch.  Now knowing all of the workouts in this first month series, I also know that this warmup is harder than the others.  Since this is a workout more geared toward strength conditioning, some of the moves are more resitance than cardio.  Either way, i made it through and I believe I got through the first set of the first circuit before kneeling over heaving for air!  Afterwards  I felt pretty good and was able to enjoy the rest of the night without feeling spent.

Day 7 – Rest Day!

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