The one workout that I failed to do during my 63 day adventure was Insane Abs.  So today, after taking 3 days off from working out, I decided to give Insane Abs a try.  I was very excited to try this out, not only because it was a new workout, but because I sort of miss Insanity and Shaun T already!

Insane Abs is about 33 minutes in length which is not bad at all on it’s own.  It always amazes me at how many different exercises Shaun T comes up with to exercise the same body parts.  Insane Abs is a direct reflection of that.  First you start with the warm up which begins with simple jogging.  I was scared to realize that as soon as I started jogging my knees hurt 🙁  I was hoping they were getting better but I assume they need more rest.  So I had to go gingerly in the beginning.  They did however subside as the body got warm which was good.

Anyway, the warmup consists of jogging, high knees, high knees with a twist, tuck jumps, power jumps, and T-kicks.  T-kicks are kind of like switch kicks except that you keep your legs straight.  Of course you go through this a couple of times to get the body warm.  After this section, you are on the ground the rest of the workout.

Next you go into the C-sit position and begin some of the Insanity!  You start with the ab exercises that he includes in Max Recovery (6 inches, flutter kicks, scissor kicks).  This gets the abs burning for sure.  Then you get into some new ab exercises like power abs.  Picture yourself giving birth and lifting your legs to your chest!  Then there are variations of these.

There is also a set of exercises you perform in the plank position.  You work by hopping in low plank side to side and doing some oblique crunches, etc.  So overall you work every angle of the core until it burns!

It was fun to get back into the workouts and just get the blood flowing again.

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